The Future of Retail Cannabis

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Spyder Cannabis Inc.

Spyder Cannabis Inc. (TSXV: SPDR) is an established Canadian cannabis and vape retailer that is publicly traded on the TSX Venture Exchange.

Our vision is to become a leading house of retail brands. We aim to attract, grow and retain a loyal
customer base by creating unique retail experiences, optimized product assortments and best-in-class customer service.

SPDR Cannabis

Launched in 2019, SPDR Cannabis is a one-stop cannabis shop for the value seeking consumer. The brand offers cannabis products at every-day low prices and stocks a wide variety of large-format flowers.

SPDR Cannabis has become the go-to Niagara Falls cannabis store capturing approximately 19% of its market share. SPDR Cannabis’ expansion plan is focused on building a retail footprint in the underserved secondary markets.

New Dispensary Brand

Spyder Cannabis is developing a new premium economy brand to target the emerging enthusiast and wellness seeking consumer. The new dispensary brand will focus on stocking new and rotating flower brands, vapes, concentrates and CBD products. The new brand is expected to launch winter 2021.

180 Smoke

Founded in 2013, 180 Smoke is a leading omni-channel Canadian specialty vape retailer with a strong brand presence among the Canadian vape users. 180 Smoke has 28 retail locations across Ontario and a dominating e-commerce presence with over 230,000 registered accounts across its B2C platform.

Our Strategy

Accelerated Expansion Plans

We are licensed in Ontario (AGCO) and Alberta (AGCL) with 3 retail dispensaries. Furthermore, Spyder Cannabis recently completed a strategic acquisition of 180 Smoke, a leading omni-channel Canadian specialty vape retailer with 28 retail locations across Ontario.

Spyder Cannabis is quickly expanding its retail dispensary footprint by converting qualified 180 Smoke vape stores to licensed dispensaries. We are focused on immediate growth opportunities in suburban markets surrounding the Greater Toronto Area. Spyder Cannabis is projected to have 8 licensed dispensaries by the end of 2021.


7941 Jane Street, Unit 2, Concord, ON, l4k 2m7

1-888-504-SPDR (7737)